How to become an actor

How to become an Actor

Becoming an actor is now a very real career choice, literally hundreds of students apply to Drama School every year, however only a very few get in and even less go on to become successful actors.

It is always astonishing when you consider how difficult it is to get in to Drama School, to then find that a huge amount of those students then drop out of the industry by the age of 30.

The reality of becoming an actor can be at times very grim. The industry is vastly over populated with all too few jobs. It appears that only the top ten percent are in regular work with the other 90% doing more low paid work or profit share, or filling their time with a ‘Proper’ job.

Having a good agent is absolutely crucial to get into those all important castings as you need someone with excellent contacts and someone who believes in you the actor! Despite all the negatives of an acting career it is a fantastic job and if you can make a career out of acting then there is no better job to have.

7 Tips on becoming an Actor.

  1.  Take Acting lessons
  2.  Audition for local theatre to gain experience
  3. Audition for Drama School. There are lots of options for training both full and part time giving you the chance to work through training.
  4.  Ensure your chosen School provides an industry showcase. As this is your first shot of getting an agent.
  5.  Write to agents and casting directors and invite them to your showcase.
  6. Get good headshots. Don’t rely on your friends Iphone!!!
  7.  Write your CV and credit your Drama School Productions also add any work you may have done whilst training.
  8.  Compile a showreel. Most Drama Schools will do this as part of the Actors Course.
  9.  Sign up to Spotlight.

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If you can’t afford Drama School check out our top tips for becoming an Actor without accredited training.

If you are not in the position to audition for Drama School there are other ways to get into the industry.

  1.  Take local Acting classes; join a youth theatre or amateur theatre company.
  2.  Get professional headshots.
  3.  Compile a showreel.
  4. Make a list of Agents that you would like to appeal to.
  5.  Write your CV, add in all your experience so far.
  6. Send out your CV, Photo, showreel to agents and theatre companies.
  7. Source Actors Showcases.
  8. Mix with fellow actors and network as much as you can.
  9.  Read, read, read, plays, books on acting, anything you can get your hands on that is related to acting.
  10. Sign up to Castingcallpro and other casting websites.
  11.  Never give up, have a plan and go after your dream.

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