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Young Talent Expo Saturday 7th October in London

Young Talent Expo is an event to support young people aged 8-18 to delve into the world of performance and equip them with the necessary knowledge to tackle the industry head on. Since 2009, thousands of actors worldwide have been welcomed through the doors both online and in-person.

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Five years of successful franchising with Razzamataz

Huge congratulations to Zoe McKibbin, franchise partner at Razzamataz Edinburgh and Razzamataz Glasgow South, who is celebrating her fifth anniversary. Zoe followed her dream about working with children and the arts because she experienced the benefits first hand. This is her story.

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Adventures in I Don’t Know

Adventures in I Don’t Know explores our relationship to ‘not knowing’ using a combination of philosophical enquiry, improvisation and play.

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Actors Pro Expo Global 2022

NEW Young Talent Expo Saturday 8th October 2022 in London and Online. For ages 8-18 covering Acting, Singing & Dance. From the creators of Actors Pro Expo.

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Working With Frantic Assembly in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

Frantic Assembly is one of our much loved theatre companies here in the UK. It's success comes from making theatre that is not only new and exciting but bold and brave. It's ethos as a company is to be ‘terrified and fearless’ and if you have seen any of their productions you will know just how much they convey this in the unique way they tell their stories.

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