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Joanne Hawes CDG

Children’s Casting Director


Current Children's Castings

  • Please make suggestions on separate emails for each show with the name of the child, DOB, age, height and area in which they live i.e their education authority.
  • Please note time does not permit me to ask for this information if it arrives incomplete so regrettably any such enquiries will be deleted.   I also cannot take enquiries by phone.
  • No photos required – thank you.
  • Please note in all cases boys must have unbroken voices and girls must be undeveloped.
  • I am unable to help anyone who is too tall or too old for any of these productions and I do not cast adults or have any information about adult casting or the appointment of resident teams or crew.  So sorry but time does not permit a response to email outside the limits set out below.
  • All suggestions welcome for the shows below providing the children fit the criteria – if they do not I am unable to see them. So sorry but all shows are very specific and the criteria are all there for very good reasons.


Children's castings 2020

London Palladium Summer 2020

Boys and girls under 4 foot 7, great singing and dancing, must be London based ie within a 45 mile radius. children play parts in this version – they do not form part of a choir. All ethnicities welcome. We are well into auditions but please keep making suggestions as we may need to do more. Rehearsals May, perform June to September.


I am auditioning girls locally for this tour so please make suggestions as appropriate.
Local means within around 25 miles from the venue.
All auditions are by appointment in the local venue – nobody will be seen on spec.

Auditions will be as follows –

BRISTOL February 23 Performances April 6 – May 9
SALFORD April 4 Performances May 11 – May 30
GLASGOW April 18 Performances June 1 – June 26
BIRMINGHAM May 23 Performances June 29 – July 18

Further dates TBC


All ethnicities are encouraged.

Girls cannot be younger than seven and a half to audition. They must be under four foot four. They must have lovely singing voices – Eponine must also sing as she covers the role of Cosette.

When submitting I need the following info – name of child, age, height (the limit of 4 foot 4 for girls is absolutely set in stone) & hometown along with mileage venue to home. I do not allow relocation and anyone that lives too far away will not be seen. The whole point is to give local children an opportunity Please do not send photos or video footage – nor will we audition via skype or video – thank you.

Please put Les Mis Tour and the venue in the subject line and please do not suggest children until 3 months prior to the audition date – children grow and height limits are critical.


Boys will be auditioned periodically and can come from anywhere in the UK. They play for 6 months on scheduled days – they do not just play locally. They are lifted during the show several times by adult actors so must be skinny. Boys must be under 4 foot 7 with an unbroken, great singing voice. They must be 9 (on the day of the audition) – 11 years old.

When submitting I need the following info – name of child, age, height (the limit of under 4 foot 7 is absolutely set in stone. Incomplete submissions will be deleted due to lack of time to chase – apologies. I do not need photos or video footage – nor will we audition via skype or video – thank you


ROCKETMAN - a Paramount / Goldcrest film to be directed by Dexter Fletcher

Filming dates August - rehearsal and pre-recording prior dates TBC

Shooting on location and at Bray Studios

****Auditions as soon as I can organise them.****

Two boys to be cast for this to play the young Elton John

Fair skinned, fab voices - they have to sing Elton John numbers - some movement for the younger one whilst the older one has to dance.

Boy 1 /            to play 6 years old - he will sing The Bitch is Back

Boy 2 /            12 - 14 years old - broken voice - he will sing Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting and I Want Love 

Elton John (born Reginald Dwight) was always going to be “someone" and this is what these boys have to like - special.  This boy is smart, quick witted and talented.  These boys must be fabulous actors.     They can live anywhere in the UK but must be able to deliver a London accent - Elton John was born in Pinner so whilst we will see boys from all over, other accents will need to be eliminated.

Taron Egerton is playing Elton and he is 5 foot 7 so the height limit for the older boy is 5’4.

Please make suggestions to me on email with name, height a photo and a few lines about any previous experience.    Please make that info short - bullet points is fine - and please do not direct me to Spotlight links.    


 LES MISERABLES TOUR - Cameron Mackintosh Limited.

Opening in Leicester in November we wil be casting Cosette and Eponine locally to each venue and touring Gavroche who can live outside the London area.  Rehearsals start in September.  Auditions in June for girls in Leicester and Gavroches who will tour for 6 months.  The next date after Leicester is Dublin - auditions will follow in the autumn for girls only.   Further info can be found on

 Gavroche is under 4 foot 7, feisty, a leader, a great singer, streetwise, The Artful Dodger without the dancing, he can be any skin colour - indeed we would welcome any ethnicity.  He has an unbroken voice and is about 10 years old - he cannot be under 9 (by October 31st) and we will not go older than 11 for fear of the voice breaking.  Gavroche is a likeable, tough kid.  We would be very happy to find a Leicester Gavroche.     

Cosette and Eponine - under 4 foot 4 - sweet soprano voice, vulnerable, slight and fair skinned.    Cosette sings Castle on A Cloud and Eponine covers it so please do not send non-singers.    These girls leave the theatre in the interval and can be 7 - 10 years old.

The height limits for the Mis children are set in stone.  Please do not send anyone who is already on the height or above it.  We have to remember we are casting now but press night is 6 months away.    

 Please let me have names, age, height in feet and inches and postcode.      I dont need pics for Gavroche and the girls.


MISS SAIGON UK Tour - continues to be a challenge.

Auditions in Plymouth, Norwich and Bradford soon for TAMS to perform locally to their home.

Children are between 4 and 6, they are boys or girls,  no taller than 117cms, they are SE Asian looking and only authentic eyes will do for this.   They do not sing speak or dance.     They must be confident and must be able to commute to the venue. 

Please let me have names, age, height in cms and postcode.  

I must have photos of these children - head and shoulders only.  


CONSENT - A Play at the Harold Pinter Theatre - Babies required around a month old.  

Please email details - fair skinned and placid are the requirements.

Other castings are on my website - - but these are the urgent ones.

RUTHLESS - a new musical

I am casting a new musical to be produced by David Babani, directed by Richard Fitch with musical direction by Gareth Valentine.
It will rehearse from February 12 and perform at the Arts from March 16 to June 23rd.

We are looking for a lead girl - Tina - who is under 4 foot 10, fair skinned, can tap a little, sing well (solo), and is flat chested. She is aged 8 in Act 1 and age 12 in Act 2 so around 10 / 11 would be perfect. She must be able to portray a very authentic American accent. Tina is a diva who has a very pushy mum and who becomes a ruthless killer - she must be a cracking actress.

The auditions are on Sunday January 21st - 1st rounds in the morning and 2nd rounds in the afternoon. Girls will sing Tomorrow from ANNIE initially and I will send sides to be learnt. In the afternoon we will dance and teach part of one of the numbers from the show.

Please make suggestions on email as follows -
Playing age
Height in inches
Hometown or borough - must be commutable to London.
Small photo - one only - head and shoulders.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Current casting date added 19/04/2017


The show is going to be revived again and here are the details for anyone that might be interested. I would like to take suggestions sooner rather than later since the summer break is rather scarily fast approaching. So do email suggestions - I don’t need photos but all children must be fair skinned.

Audition dates TBC in early September.
Rehearsals are in London from November 27 and the contract will be until mid April.

3ft 10in - 4ft max: GRETL about 6 years old (meant to be five but we do not like to tour that young). Older and small is ideal.
4ft 1in - 4ft 3in max: MARTA 7 on Tuesday!
4ft 4in - 4ft 6in max: BRIGITTA 10 years old - excellent actress
4ft 7in - 4ft 9in max: KURT 11 - almost - unbroken voice - cheeky
4ft 10in - 5ft max: LOUISA 13 - undeveloped
5ft 1in - 5ft 2in max: FRIEDRICH 14 - unbroken voice.

All children must be very strong singers - boys must have unbroken voices & girls must be undeveloped.
There is no room for children to be taller than the heights specified.
All children must be London based - by that I mean within an easy commute of not more than 45 miles from Kings Cross.
We do not tour parents but an experienced team of chaperones.
There will be three teams of children who will play on a rota of 3 days on and 6 days off.
Whilst away they will be tutored and will stay in hotels where the girls share rooms. The boys have a room each. Chaperones are very near by on the same floor and adjacent. They will be very well looked after.
This production is likely to go abroad for two weeks in April. Confirmation on that will be made when we can.

When making suggestions please supply the following information for each child on the body of the email so that I can cut and paste - please do not put details on a grid or supply as an attachment. Please do not give me photos - I will ask for them at the audition stage.

I will need Name, Age, Height, Hometown, Distance from home to Central London in miles not in time. We do not allow children to relocate because that means they do not go to school.

Please note if I do not have the information I requested I will not chase but simply delete the email. I will be inundated with children especialy girls. Please put all children for the production on one email.



LES MISERABLES  - Queens Theatre, London

Auditions soon – suggestions welcome any time please.

  • Gavroche under 4’ 7 any nationality, very strong singing and acting.  Streetwise, tough but likeable kid about 10 years old, unbroken voice.
  • Cosette under 4‘ 4, fair skin, sweet soprano voice.
  • Eponine who does not sing but she understudies Cosette.
  • All children to be within an easy commute of London (45 miles approx)
  • Girls sing Castle on A Cloud
  • Boys sing ‘Ow Do You Do My Name’s Gavroche


5 year old boys and girls required to play the role of TAM locally whilst the show is visiting.   NOW CASTING Leicester and Birmingham.  All children must be SE Asian, confident and small.  They have a brilliant time!     Please email a photo.  Auditions in April.

The production wil tour the UK so please make suggestions for Dublin Cardiff Edinburgh Southampton Manchester Bristol.  Children must be 5 at the time of the performance so please email me with name, DOB, hometown and a small photo.


THE FERRYMAN – Gielgud Theatre.

Babies required aged between 4 and 10 months.   Must not be crawling and must be commutable to Central London.


MATILDA  The Musical  

Please apply to Jessica Ronane (Casting Director) at


I am delighted to be casting identical twin girls aged 8 – 12.   Please contact me for more information including the following photo of the two girls, their names, dob, height and hometown.    They can live anywhere in the UK.

All classes are " stand alone " and cost £25 per child.

Sunday May 7 in the Brighton / Worthing area. I will either run two classes at 10 am and 11.30 or one class at 11 am until 12.30.
Saturday June 10 Andover - 2 pm to 3.30 pm. This is going to be a very unusual class in that the venue is going to be a Yurt which is hired out for corporate events! There will be a coffee bar for parents to wait and an informal question and answer session for parents afterwards.

Please email for more information.


Past castings 2016


I am casting Les Miserables for a short run in Dubai as below -

We are looking for 3 x Gavroches and 2 x Cosette and 2 x Eponine

Rehearse Three Mills Monday November 10 until November 1st
Therefore they must be London (ish) based - Three Mills is in E1.

Fly to Dubai November 2
Cast onstage November 4
Ist Preview November 10
Press Night November 15
Close Friday Dec 2 (matinee)
Fly back to UK Friday evening or Saturday

We are touring with us 2 chaperones and a tutor but not parents. Children will stay with us for the whole 4 weeks. We will be happy for parents to visit but for the last week only. I do not want the status quo to be upset by parents coming and going at different times and so I would like to make that clear from the outset because it is so much better if we have a plan in advance.

All children must be over 9, boys must be under 4 foot 7 and girls under 4 foot 4. Girls must have a sweet soprano voice - Eponine understudies Cosette so these must be strong singers also.
Boys must be streetwise, touch but vey likeable and scrawny.

Auditions will be in London on August 2nd.

I would like suggestions asap - thank you.


LES MISERABLES  - Queens Theatre, London

Auditions in Autumn 2016- suggestions welcome any time please.

  • Gavroche under 4’ 7 any nationality, very strong singing and acting.  Streetwise, tough but likeable kid about 10 years old, unbroken voice.
  • Cosette under 4‘ 4, fair skin, sweet soprano voice.
  • Eponine who does not sing but she understudies Cosette.
  • All children to be within an easy commute of London (45 miles approx)
  • Girls sing Castle on A Cloud
  • Boys sing ‘Ow Do You Do My Name’s Gavroche


Auditions in Autumn 2016 in London

Jane – feisty about 11, great acting and singing, some movement, under 4 foot 10.   Fair skinned.

Michael – about 8 / 9, great singing and acting, some movement, under 4 foot 8, unbroken voice.  Fair skinned.


THE SOUND OF MUSIC UK TOUR                                                                                                                                                                       

Auditions – Autumn 2016

Friedrich max height 5 ft 2

Louisa 4 foot 11

Kurt, 4 foot 9

Brigitta 4 foot 7

Marta and Gretl under four foot 5 – must be at least 6 years old.

Strong singing & acting / great movement / girls must be undeveloped / boys voices must be unbroken / all children to be within an easy commute of London (45 miles approx) London commutable only.


  • Jeremy and Jemima  -  fair skinned, about 10 years old, London commutable, good singing, movement and acting, under 4 ‘ 7, they tour on a rota of three pairs for 6 months.      Auditions Autumn 2016.

CHITTY SEWER CHILDREN          These audition dates are now fixed and we will only be auditioning in each venue once.

Children must live within a commutable distance of the venues – we will not accommodate long distance children – usually they live within 15 miles of the venue – if I am short of children I may extend this radius at my discretion.

Children must be under 4 foot 10.

We are unable to audition any child under 9 years of age on the day of the audition.    This is due to restrictions on hours of work laid down in Child Performance regulations.

Where possible we will cast children to appear in more than one venue –

  •   Glasgow and Edinburgh will be the same children

In each venue we will be looking for one team of 16 boys and girls

In some venues I will be running Masterclasses in the Art of Auditioning the day before – these are completely separate – children are welcome to come to either or both.          There is a charge for the Masterclass but not for the audition.

Rehearsal dates are on a Saturday TBC in advance of the show performing in the venue.

AUDITION DATE          VENUE                                  PERFORMANCE DATES

Sat June 18                         Canterbury                               WC Aug 22 – Sept 4

Sun June 19                        Birmingham                             WC Sept 5 – Sept 18

Sun July 24                         Northampton                           WC Sept 19 – Oct 2

Sun July 31                         Edinburgh / Glasgow              WC Oct 3 – Oct 16 / Oct 17 – Oct 30

Sun Sept 11                         Salford                                      WC Dec 15 – Jan 15

Sun October 9                    Bristol                                        WC Jan 23 – Feb 5

Sun Nov 20                         Bradford                                 WC Feb 6 – Feb 19


MATILDA  The Musical  

Please apply to Jessica Ronane (Casting Director) at



  • Various dates around the UK on Saturdays throughout 2016.


  • The next Performing Arts Course is October 2016 and will be 4 very exciting days at Borlase Grammar School in Marlow , Bucks.    

Please email for more information on either masterclasses or the Performing Arts Course in October.

CHAPERONES – I am always looking for experienced, licenced chaperones – please contact me if you are interested in part time / full time, long term / short term positions.

Thank you


Children in theatre Jo HawesMy book Children in Theatre is essential reading for parents who are unsure about the commitment that being involved in a large scale show requires.





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