Public Speaking exercise

Try these ideas out.

There are several different sorts of speeches your students can try which include:

Vote of thanks

Each student is given a different objective and then must speech off the cuff for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Student 1 -A teacher talking to parents of 5 year olds about etiquette/ manners - informative
Student 2 -A princess talking to giants about Unicorns and keeping them safe in the magical realms/ informative
Student 3 - A crazy Disney chief talking about the health benefits of theme parks entertaining
Disneyland/ entertaining
Student 4 - A naturist talking about the health benefits Wild swimming to an old peoples home/ persuasive
Camping in England/ persuasive
Student 5 - The Timeley Players/ vote of thanks for their production despite it was unsuitable for children
Student 6 – Super energy girl -A super hero doing an informative speech on why being a super hero can help with global warning
Student 7 – A motivational speech to a group of year 6’s who have just done their worst rehearsal to date and the shows tomorrow.
Student 8 - Head mistress of fairy school – giving an informative speech on the different subjects available at fairy school


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