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June 7th-11th !

Free Masterclass Acting Techniques: JUNE 7TH -24TH
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Summer online at Rose BrufordWorld Renown Master Teachers deliver Free  Workshop Sampler Preview of their Masterclasses in  Acting-Voice - Movement- Directing- On Camera- & more  Online at Rose Bruford College

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Method Acting, Meisner, Viewpoints, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Uta Hagen Acting , Michael Chekhov Technique, Emotional Body , On Camera Acting & Audition 

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Rose Bruford College Summer Online Masterclasses and Courses start from the July through August 2021 and range from one to two weeks. 

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Catherine Fitzmaurice - Fitzmaurice Voicework

Freddie Hendricks - The Hendricks Experience-Presented by Stanislavski Centre for Contemporary Practice 

Andrei Malaev-Babel -  Nikolai Demidov’s Organic Acting Technique

Janice Orlandi & Lisa Dalton-  Creating Chekhovian Character Transformations with Michael Chekhov Technique

Charles Gilbert - Get SAVI: Skills and Strategies for the Singing Actor

Kathryn Gately & Richard Poole - Introduction to Meisner Acting Technique 

Karen Kohlhaas - Practical Aesthetics Acting Technique w/ Tennessee Williams

Lola Cohen - Discover Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting Technique

Paula Murray Cole Rasaboxes in Theory, Practice and Performance Workshop

Sophia Treanor Six Viewpoints: Tracing the Lineage and Researching the Future of Performance

Laura Bond & Jessica Beck - The Emotional Body: Emotional Fluency for Actors

Anthony Grasso On-Camera Acting and Audition for TV & Film

Irina Brown Unlocking the Director’s Imagination Online Masterclass

Laura Gardner & Carol Rosenfeld Uta Hagen Acting Technique and Process

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