The Importance of Improvisation.

Improvisation for everyone


Improvisation is an important skill for actors, business and for children and teenagers.


Learning to improvise means you will never again be stuck for something to say.

Thinking on the spot takes practise, but by playing Improvisation games you will be amazed how quickly your brain snaps into gear.

Joining a local improv class could be just the ticket if you want to brush up on your communication skills, or if you’re an actor it is an essential skill at auditions as you never know what you might be asked to do and the more practise you have at improvising on the spot the better prepared you will be.

From accountants to bankers to actors, you will always find a jolly ole mix at an impro class and now with classes available online there is no excuse for not getting involved.

Here is an example of a fab improve game to get you in the mood!

  • A - Z CONVERSATION: 2-3 Students.


This is a timed game. Students are given a situation for the scene to take
place…In a Restaurant…At a Theme Park…In a Doctors waiting room…
The students must begin their scene by taking the first letter of the alphabet,
the next student must begin their sentence with the next consecutive
letter of the alphabet.

(Top Tip: It is best to disallow names or animals to begin sentences)

Example: At a Theme Park…
Student # 1: Ahh, I love this ride.
Student # 2: By the way, mum said we should be careful on this one.
Student # 1: Careful? Why?
Student # 2: Don’t know, I guess because it’s fast.
Student # 1: Excellent, I love fast rides….
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